Kim Hyun Joong “City Conquest” Will Not Appear on KBS, Political Accusations Ensue

The drama “City Conquest,” which stars Kim Hyun Joong, will not be appearing on KBS. Now, the production company is arguing that KBS will not air the drama because of political reasons. However, KBS is arguing that it is not true.

The production company of “City Conquest” is Media 100. The company wrote in a press release, “KBS gave us a grace period from October 2012 to the end of 2013. We received an ‘Official Indication to Air’ and up until January 2013 we continued discussions with KBS.”

Media 100 continued, “We tried our best even with extreme production costs and we produced the drama alongside the KBS subsidiary ‘KBS Media.’ We even gave them shares regarding the production. However, after the new CEO was brought in, a high-ranking drama executive was replaced. All of the sudden, we received the news that the drama would not air.” We received the following message, “Although the contents of the drama and its profitability looks great, there is too much violence and it does not fit in well with the beginning of a new government.”

Media 100 continued to state that the faults of KBS and indicate that the response is good and the fans are anxiously awaiting the new drama.

A representative of KBS’ drama department stated, “Media 100’s accusations are not true.” KBS stated that the content contained too much violence and a storyline that was not fitting for public television. That is the reason why the drama will not air.” KBS continued to state that they were very “uncomfortable” with the political accusations.