SISTAR Looks Sexy in Track Suits

On January 30, photos of the track and field participant idol stars including SISTAR were shared on online community forums. These photos were taken on January 28 during MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship.”

In the photo, SISTAR shows off their teamwork and spirit while dancing the “crane leg dance” for photographers at the photo zone before the big event. What especially caught the eye of Netizens was charismatic Hyorin‘s curvy figure and adorable expression as she danced with her fellow SISTAR members.

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “Hyorin has such a healthy and great figure. She couldn’t hide it behind a track suit even if she tried” and “Hyorin, we’ll be looking forward to your performance on the field!”

In related news, MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship” will air February 11. SISTAR19 also recently made their comeback with “Gone, Not Around Any Longer.”