Jo In Sung Talks About Appearing on “That Winter, the Wind Blows”

Jo In Sung talked about his thoughts on returning to TV through the SBS drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows.”

On January 31, Jo In Sung made an appearance at the press conference for “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” which was held at Blue Square in Hannamdong, Seoul. He stated, “It has been 5 years since I have done a project. It’s too much to say that this is my comeback project, I wish you would say that it is my next project.”

Jo In Sung talked a bit about the film “Martial Arts” which would have been his comeback film. However, due to production problems with the movie, Jo In Sung’s comeback was delayed. Jo In Sung stated, “Originally I had planned on appearing in ‘Martial Arts’ but because that took so long, I first appeared in a variety show. After ‘Martial Arts’ became delayed it was difficult to choose another project. After going through many different possibilities I finally had the opportunity of meeting ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows.’ The moment I received the offer, I really wanted to give it a shot.”

Jo In Sung ended with, “I think it is better to say that this drama is my next project. I hope that the people who watch this drama will see it with a comfortable mindset. I thought that if I wanted to continue to improve as an actor, I would need to appear in this drama.”

“That Winter, the Wind Blows” will have its first broadcast on February 13.