Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shows Off Her Legs at a Photoshoot

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a photo was uploaded along with a message, “Sooyoung’s picture and comment at a photoshoot.”

In the photo is Sooyoung with her beautiful model-like body. Despite the fact that the picture is unedited, her long legs are especially noticeable with the chic mini skirt and jacket. Her long wavy hair adds elegance to Sooyoung’s already perfect look.

An official from the photoshoot later stated, “After working with Sooyoung, we realized why she is considered to be a top star. She was very sweet and was kind to everyone on the set. She was also very beautiful.”

Netizens that saw this picture commented, “Her body is awesome,” “Beautiful legs,” “I am envious of her body,” “This picture makes me want to go on a diet,” “She has the perfect body and personality,” “Her legs are so long.”