Psy Updates Fans on His Killer Schedule in China

On January 30, Psy updated his busy schedule in China through Weibo, a Chinese social networking service.

He wrote, “I am coming to China to see my fans. I will be getting in to Shanghai on January 30. On January 31, I will have SMG press conference, followed by SMG ‘Choon Wan‘ recording and performing by Cube club on February 1. On February 2, I will host a concert at Namgyeong Gangsoo Castle. I will be back in Korea on February 4.”

The biggest event of Psy’s visit to China would be SMG (Shanghai Media Group) “Choon Wan” recording. “Choon Wan” stands for “Choonjae Wan Hui,” which is SMG’s special Lunar Year Year’s program. Many Chinese super stars like actress Lin Ziling, Olympic swimmer Sun Yang, and others will also make an appearance on this program.

Meanwhile, Psy is currently staying in the United States, working on his upcoming album. Many of Psy’s Korean staffs including Yoo Gun Hyung, Psy’s colleague and the co-writer of “Gangnam Style,” recently went to the United States to work on this album together.