SISTAR’s Bora Delights Her Fans with Her Wink Selca

On the official SISTAR Twitter on January 31, Bora uploaded a photo of herself along with a message, “Wow. My birthday flew by quickly. Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday. I read all the letters you guys sent me yesterday. By the way, SISTAR19 will be making its comeback soon. Please show your support. Thank you and love you always.”

In the released picture is a close-up of Bora. She is posing a V-sign and is winking adorably. With her flawless porcelain skin and cute expression on her face, Bora looks beautiful in this selca.

Meanwhile, unit group of SISTAR, SISTAR19, made its comeback and released its new song “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” on January 31, 2013.