Infinite’s Sung Kyu Loses Arm Wrestling Match against the “Nation’s Grandma” Kim Tae Won

In a surprising turn of events, Infinite‘s Sung Kyu has lost in an arm wrestling match against Kim Tae Won.

On January 31, Sung Kyu, Kim Tae Won, comedian Yang Sang Gook and Lee Yoon Suk appeared as guests on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3.” This episode was titled, “The Weak Guy Special” since all the guests on the show seemed to be skinny and weak-looking.

The guitarist of the legendary group Boo Hwal and TV personality Kim Tae Won is also known as “the nation’s grandma,” due to his frail appearance. During the show, Kim Tae Won challenged Sung Kyu by saying, “Want to have an arm wrestling match against me? Man to man?”

Sung Kyu, who has the nickname, “the grandpa of idols,” agreed to the match. Sung Kyu proceeded to arm wrestle with all his might but to everyone’s surprise, he lost. As he lost, Sung Kyu commented, “This cannot be happening!”

Then Sung Kyu proclaimed, “I’m not joking, he’s really strong,” but everyone was making fun of him anyway.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Won shared the story of why he saved the 911 number as his speed dial #1 on his phone.