Infinite’s Sung Kyu Had to Move Out on His Own to Achieve His Dream

Infinite‘s Sung Kyu revealed a flashed back to his life before he became a famous singer.

On the January 31 episode of KBS’s variety show “Happy Together,” Sung Kyu confesed his hardship of leaving home to live in Seoul alone.

Sung Kyu revealed that his parents disapproved his career as a singer. To achieve his dream, he had to leave his parents and home town of Jeonju when he was twenty years old.

At that time, when Sung Kyu came to Seoul with only a single bag of luggage, he was confident that he would accomplish his dream.

However, in order to make money to live, he took part time jobs such as replacing charcoals in a BBQ restaurant, serving at a cafe and working at a bakery. Sung Kyu revealed his loneliness and his hard time getting used to life in Seoul and said, “I was pretty sad. It made me want to cry when other families came to the restaurant to eat delicious BBQ.”

Additionally, on the show, Sung Kyu explained about the nighttime snack he would make when he was living alone. He introduced Kimchi Zidane, which was made by mixing and frying kimchi and egg on an oil greased cooking pan. He said, “When I ate instant food as a meal, I missed home cooking. With the limited amount of money I had, I was able to make this food.”