2NE1’s Park Bom Shares Thoughts Regarding Her Barefoot Performance

2NE1’s Park Bom shared her thoughts regarding her recent barefoot performance.

On January 31, 2NE1, and other k-pop stars attended at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul. During the ceremony, 2NE1 sang their hit song “I Love You” and showcased some powerful choreography. Early in the performance, Park Bom’s heel slipped off her foot, causing her to stand and dance on her tiptoe until she decided to take off the other heel. She continued the performance as if nothing happened, showing her professionalism.

Following the ceremony, Park Bom tweeted, “Today was a really special day! I was really really surprised!!!! keke At first, one of the feet felt really cool. Keke I really believe that this experience will also become a very special memory for me.” She continued,” It was also fun seeing the surprised, but funny faces of my fellow members..kekeke Our leader Chae Rin [CL] knew I would be flustered, so she gave me a reassuring look, a face that was inviting me to play and gave me courage. Later when I asked, she was getting ready just in case I did something unexpected.”