Jay Park Oozes With Appeal Advertising Backpacks

Jay Park shows off his many appeals through his latest photoshoot.

On January 25, he participated in a photoshoot for clothing brand Googims at a studio in Gangnam, Seoul. Googims recently launched two backpack lines “U. Container” and “Cellpack” displaying various designs.

The concept for this photoshoot is “A Bag That Matches Whatever Style You Wear” and shows Jay Park in various outfits from lay back casual to clean cut suits and from hip street wear to dandy business casual. Perhaps it’s the help of the model, but every bag looks stylish and fits well with each fashion style.

It’s been revealed that he provided a lot of energy during the photoshoot at the studio and caused many staff members to laugh at his adorable antics.

Jay Park has previously worked with the clothing brand and even caused their server to crash.

Soompiers, which is your favorite look (of Jay Park)?