Sohee Goes Sporty for Reebok

Wonder GirlsSohee has gone for a sporty look. Recently she appeared in a photoshoot in order to advertise Reebok’s classic running shoes “GL 6000.” In the picture, she is shown wearing a Reebok jersey and she is wearing the “GL 6000” shoes around her neck. She has added a touch of smoky makeup to her face to give off a bit of sexiness.

The commercial film that was recently released has a “Go live” concept and Sohee is shown paragliding. First Sohee runs on top of a roof in order to go airborne, and once she is she makes a bright expression. It is being said that this was the first time that Sohee had tried paragliding.

Here is the commercial film for “GL 6000” with the concept of “Go live.”