Seo In Gook Shows Ultimate Fan Service

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a video under the title “Seo In Gook’s fan service” was uploaded.

In the released video is singer Seo In Gook on a stage. When he noticed a fan having a difficult time filming him with a cell phone under the stage, Seo In Gook takes the phone and films himself for the fan. He walks around the stage with the cell phone and shows adorable aegyo.

Netizens who saw this video commented, “Seo In Gook’s fan service is the best, “ “He is so awesome,” “That fan must have been so excited,” “Wow, that is amazing,” “I never knew how great Seo In Gook is,” “Seo In Gook is so nice to his fans,” “Seo In Gook is adorable.”

Meanwhile, Seo In Gook recently released his new song “I Can’t Live Because of You.”