Park Shi Hoo’s Similar Acting From 7 Years Ago Attracts Attention

On February 1, SBS’s “Program King” aired a special segment taking a close look at actor Park Shi Hoo‘s acting in his previous drama “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor.”

Seven years ago, Park Shi Hoo played a role of a rich man in “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor,” which is very similar to his character from the recently wrapped SBS drama “Alice in Cheongdamdong.” Other cast members in the latter drama included actor Kim Seung Woo and actress Bae Doo Na. This was considered Park Shi Hoo’s first major role, and his acting was highly praised at the time. He even received SBS’s New Star Award that year.

On “Program King,” the hosts noticed how Park Shi Hoo has not changed much in appearance in seven years. They also stated that although Park Shi Hoo was great in “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor,” his acting of a rich man in “Alice in Cheongdamdong” was more natural and entertaining.

“How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor” was a popular romantic drama involving a story of a womanizer. On this episode of “Program King,” Park Shi Hoo’s early acting days were examined by studying his past drama.