Who Wore It Better: Hyorin vs. Han Sun Hwa

Recently on an online community, photos of Hyorin and Han Sun Hwa were uploaded under the title, “Hyorin and Han Sun Hwa wearing the same outfit, but giving off different vibes.”

In the pictures are SISTAR’s Hyorin and Secret’s Sun Hwa both wearing the same pink mini dress trimmed with black laces. While Hyorin looks sexy as the dress emphasizes her voluptuous figure and her dark tanned skin, Han Sun Hwa looks feminine and elegant as her skin looks pale against the pink dress.

Fans who saw these pictures admired, “Both Hyorin and Han Sun Hwa look pretty,” “They have completely different body types,” “They look so different even though they are wearing the same dress,” “It’s fun to see the differences between the girl group members.”