Is It Summer Yet? BoA Shows Lots of Skin in Summer Dress

BoA exposes some skin in the middle of chilling winter.

On February 1, makeup artist Jung Saem Mool tweeted a photo of BoA and wrote, “Every spare time she gets, BoA reads a book. Is this the reason why everyone agrees with her mentoring on ‘K-POP Star’? At a CF studio set.”

In the unveiled photo, BoA looks flawless wearing a tight white sleeveless dress while reading a book. She has her hair tied up showing off her neckline and shoulders which exposes her toned and slim body.

Netizens who saw BoA’s summery outfit commented, “Perfect face and perfect body,” “I have never seen her exposing her skin” and “She has a nice body… is it almost Summer time?”

Meanwhile, BoA received a great reception from her fans after she came back to the stage on January 28 with herself composed song, “Disturbance.”