Sunye to Perform with the Wonder Girls at the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics after Honeymoon

Newlywed and Wonder Girls‘ member Sunye will be performing on stage after she returns from her honeymoon.

According to sources from the music industry, Sunye will be performing for the closing ceremony of the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics on February 5.

The Wonder Girls’ have been acting as the ambassadors of the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics and will perform for the closing ceremony. All five members including Sunye will be performing. Sunye will be returning from her honeymoon on February 2 and will be holding a meaningful first performance as a married woman.

The 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics has started on January 29 and will end on February 5.

Sunye tied the knot on February 26 with a Canadian missionary, James Pak. Many fellow celebrities attended her wedding to celebrate her marriage.