MYNAME’s Se Yong Takes Affectionate Selca with Actress

MYNAME‘s Se Yong and actress Park Joo Mi recently snapped a selca together, displaying their friendship.

On January 31, this photo was posted on several online community forums with the title, “MYNAME’s Se Yong and Park Joo Mi Are Close Enough to Take Selcas.”

In the photo, Se Yong and Park Joo Mi have their heads together with bright smiles. They look close enough to be brother and sister. Eyes were also drawn to Park Joo Mi’s beauty, which made her age difference with Se Yong hard to believe.

Also, netizens were curious about their relationship since idol artist Se Yong and actress Park Joo Mi work in different fields. They commented, “What is their relationship? Are they really brother and sister?” “What a good looking couple,” “Visual explosion,” “What a surprising relationship,” and more.

Meanwhile, MYNAME has recently come back with “Just That Little Thing” and will hold their first concert on March 2.