Go Soo’s Baby Picture Revealed After His Wife Gives Birth to Baby Boy

A picture of Go Soo when he was a baby was revealed publicly.

On the February 2 episode of KBS’s “Entertainment News,” the news that Go Soo’s wife gave birth to a baby boy attracted everyone’s attention. 

On the show, they revealed a picture of Go Soo when he was a baby, which provided proof that he was naturally born with a good looking face and handsome distinctive facial features.

Netizens were happy to see his adorable baby photo and wrote, “He was born with his perfect looks,” “Go Soo had such a big eyes when he was a baby,” “I can’t wait to see his son’s picture” and “Congratulations! He is now a father.”

Last February, Go Soo got married to Kim Hye Yeon after four years of dating. Go Soo’s wife delivered their son at the Seoul Ah San Hospital. He was born a bit earlier than expected, but the baby and wife are in good condition.