MYNAME’s Insoo Secretly Donates Blood to a Fan

It’s well known that many idols sweat blood and tears to become who they are today, but it’s the first time hearing that an idol actually gave his blood to help save a fan’s life. Now, isn’t that something?

On January 31, an online community forum posted a new topic titled “Idol who donated his blood for a fan.” It turns out that the idol is Insoo, a member from MYNAME, and he gave the fan a picture proving he donated his blood along with a signed CD.

The fan has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s been reported that Insoo saw a post through his social networking site that one of his fans has a serious disease and is currently desperately looking for blood donors. He personally visited the fan and said after handing the gifts, “I’ll pray that you’ll recover quickly.”

The fan went online and posted a picture of the gifts and wrote how thankful she is because of his kind gesture. It’s been revealed that other MYNAME fans have teamed up to donate their blood as well.

Meanwhile, MYNAME is currently promoting its newest track “Just That Little Thing” and will hold its first solo concert “The Beginning” at Uniqlo AX in Gwangjin, Seoul on March 2.