Go Young Wook’s Lawyer for Sexual Abuse with a Minor Case Leaves, Why?

Currently the ex-RooRa member Go Young Wook has been under fire for being charged with sexual abuse allegations with a minor. In an interesting turn of events, Go Young Wook’s defense lawyer dropped out of the case on January 30 according to the court.

Back in May 2012, police reports were released regarding Go Young Wook and how he had sexual relations with minors in exchange of promises of making them into a celebrities. There were three cases of sexual assault but two of them were dropped. Then on January 23, the Prosecutor’s Office announced that Go Young Wook will be arrested and indicted for three charges of sexual harassment of a minor. 

After Go Young Wook’s defense lawyer dropped out, Go Young Wook requested a new lawyer (public defender) and one was designated by the court on January 1. Currently this fact is also causing a stir because it was unexpected. Many thought that Go Young Wook would just have hired a new private lawyer.

Currently there are two theories as to why Go Young Wook’s defense lawyer decided to drop out. One is that Go Young Wook did not have the means to pay the lawyer after he was cut off from celebrity activities. Also, the other strange thing about the defense lawyer dropping out is that usually, they take responsibility and stay with a client for the first hearing. It appears as though there were problems regarding payment and Go Young Wook had no alternative other than requesting a public defense lawyer.

Others in the South Korean legal industry have postulated that a possible reason why Go Young Wook had so much difficulty in finding a private lawyer is because a lot of lawyers are avoiding Go Young Wook’s lawsuit because it involves sexual abuse with a minor and the case is receiving a large amount of media attention.