Sunye to Perform for Special Olympics, Might Be Her Last As a Wonder Girls Member

Wonder Girls’ fans rejoice! It was revealed that Sunye would perform with the Wonder Girls at the 2013 Pyung Chang Winter Special Olympics ending ceremonies. This will be Sunye’s first official “event” or “appearance” after her wedding!

The exciting news was introduced through the official twitter of the Pyung Chang Winter Special Olympics on February 2. The reason that the Wonder Girls are making an appearance is because they were chosen as the PR ambassadors for the event. Sunye returned from her honeymoon on February 2. Before, she had stated that she would tentatively stop her official activities after marriage. Currently, many are wondering if this might be Sunye’s last performance as a Wonder Girls member.

A representative of JYP Entertainment stated, “When this performance finishes it might be Sunye’s last activity as a Wonder Girls member or not. However, for a while, all the other members are planning on pursuing individual/solo activities.”