Shinhwa’s Minwoo Asks SISTAR’s Bora If She Wants to Marry Him

Many viewers were surprised because of Minwoo’s surprise wedding proposal on air.

On February 3, the members of SISTAR appeared as special guests on JTBC’s variety program “Shinhwa’s Broadcast” where they were paired up with a Shinhwa member to become married couples. The couples split up into their designated wedding cars to find ingredients they will use for the cooking competition.

Bora and Minwoo became a couple and were riding in the car when Bora asked if he’s 34 years old. He immediately asked, “Why? Do you want to marry me?” to her surprise. She asked a production staff riding in the car if they’re still filming and Minwoo was surprised, which made many viewers question whether he was serious or not.

Soompiers, he’s been in the industry for quite some time now. Do you think he really meant it or was it for show?