Jay Park’s Controversial Photo Causes Some Discomfort

Singer Jay Park recently rubbed some netizens the wrong way for sharing a controversial photo. 

On February 3, Jay Park shared a photo of himself sticking his middle finger out and smiling for the camera on his official Instagram account. The following image of the offending hand gesture has been pixelated by media outlets. 

It was reported that Jay Park had surprised netizens before when he had uploaded a photo of himself planking on a couple of boxes at the supermarket 

Netizens who saw the photo responded by saying, “It was a thoughtless post, but I don’t think consider it a big deal”, “All this photo means is that, unlike his peers- Jay Park really doesn’t mind how other people perceive him”, “He probably had his own reasons for sharing the photo, so it seems out of line to be criticizing it”, “It’s uncomfortable to see him portray actions that aren’t very Korean in nature with regards to how Korean people would feel when they see this photo”, “I wonder what his reasons were for posting a photo like this?” and “I like Jay Park but every time he does something like this it just ruins it for me. I don’t see him as an independent hip-hop artist at all.”

Jay Park recently tweeted an apology earlier today saying, “I’m so sorry. As a public figure, I will be more careful.”