2PM’s Nichkhun Wears a Purple Wig While on Tour

2PM‘s Nichkhun recently donned a purple wig for laughs and pulled off yet another adorable look for the camera. 

On online community forums, the photo captioned “Nichkhun wearing a wig” has become a hot trending topic. 

In the photo, Nichkhun poses prettily for the camera with two hands daintily holding his wig down in a feminine manner. The photo was taken backstage during one of the concerts 2PM put on as part of their 2013 “Legend of 2PM” arena tour. Beside enjoying a good chuckle over Nichkhun’s silly off-stage humor, fans also admired the star’s well-maintained skin complexion and handsome facial features that surprisingly complemented the wig well despite its bright purple color. 

In related news, 2PM will be performing at the Tokyo Dome on April 20 and 21.