U-KISS Helps Flood Victims in Indonesia Through Charity Auction

U-KISS‘s agency announced on February 4 that U-KISS visited the flooded areas of Jakarta, Indonesia to help those in need on February 1. Currently, Indonesia declared national disaster in its capital Jakarta. Approximately 200,000 people have been affected by the flood in the city.

Originally, U-KISS was supposed to host a showcase in Indonesia, but the agency and Jakarta rescheduled the showcase to be in April. Instead of the showcase, U-KISS appeared on special TV programs covering the flood on various channels. They sent out messages of love and support. 

They also conducted an auction program, selling their onstage outfits and signed copies of CDs. During the auction, one autographed CD went for nearly 2.5 million Korean won. All profits made from the auction will be donated to help restoring areas affected by the flood.

U-KISS’s visit to Indonesia to support the flood victims was a work of many people. U-KISS’s local fans in Indonesia, the World Vision International, and several private Indonesian corporates sponsored their visit and charity events. After their visit to Indonesia, U-KISS is scheduled to fly to Japan to host a Valentine’s Day fan meeting for 5000 fans. They will be back in Korea on February 21 and start preparing for their come back, which is scheduled in March.