Stills of Lee Da Hae and Yoon Doo Joon Practicing Judo in “IRIS 2” Are Released

On February 4, stills of fight scenes between actress Lee Da Hae and actor Yoon Doo Joon in KBS’s upcoming drama “IRIS 2” were released.

In “IRIS 2,” Lee Da Hae and Yoon Doo Joon are to play NSS agents Soo Yeon and Hyun Woo, respectively. The released stills were scenes from the first episode where these two agents fight each other during their judo lesson given by Yoo Gun, who is to be played by actor Jang Hyuk.

This episode is to be aired on February 13, and will show two gorgeous looking agents in a rough fight. On the day of filming, a staff later revealed that Yoon Doo Joon showed much skills and gentleness as he made the scene look real without hurting Lee Da Hae.

An official from the drama also announced, “In NSS, men and women are treated equally. They undergo same strict training to overcome their fears. Under the guidance of Yoo Gun, Soo Young and Hyun Woo will become excellent and competitive fighters.”