Clazziquai Project Releases MV for “Love Recipe” and New Album “Blessed”

The group that popularized electro-pop in South Korea, the Clazziquai Project released their 5th album “Blessed.”

Back in 2004, electronic music was not as well-known as it is now in South Korea. Clazziquai Project’s 2004 album “Instant Pig” really opened up the South Korean music market to the electronic genre. After that the Clazziquai Project continued to try new genres and sounds ranging from house, lounge, to acid jazz. The Claaziquai Project has continued to be loved by fans in South Korea for nearly 10 years.

“Blessed” is Clazziquai Project’s new album after 3 years. The producer Clazzi describes “Blessed” as being, “An album full of love. I hope that this emotion is transferred to fans.” The Clazziquai Project will hold a concert in April.