Seo In Gook’s “I Can’t Live Because of You” Climbs to the Top of the Charts

Singer-actor Seo In Gook‘s latest song achieves first place on music charts.

After the release of his new song “I Can’t Live Because of You” on February 4, it became the top rated song on various online music charts such as Cyworld, Soribada and Bugs Music.

The song, “I Can’t Live Because of You,” is the title song of Hwang Sae Jun‘s single project “Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island.” Hwang Sae Jun is one of the top composers and is also Jelly Fish Entertainment’s representative. The title song featured rap by Verbal Jint and vocals by Seo In Gook, which garnered a lot of attention from fans even before it was released.

One of Lee Suk Hoon‘s hit songs, “Begging of Love” was also featured in the “Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island” album. However, the latest song “I Can’t Live Because of You” is generating a hotter response by taking the top place on the music charts. 

The song’s popularity grew fast enough to blow by other top ranked songs by artists such as Sistar19, LeeSsang and Baechigi, proving that Seo In Guk is receiving a lot of credibility as a musician.

“I Can’t Live Because of You” is a hip hop song blending acoustic instruments with a refined beat. This love song was produced under the leadership of director Hwan Sae Jun and also with the help of composer Kim Do Hoon and songwriter Min Yeon Jae.