[Genie K-POP] Star Interview: Boyfriend Returns as Homme Fatale

This week’s interview is with Boyfriend, who is actively performing in Korea and Japan. The boys made their comeback with their first repackage album “I Yah,” and the Genie team recently met them for an interview.

“I Yah” is our first regular repackage album, and the title track has an impressive intense guitar reef, and it’s also a song that reveals Boyfriend’s new manly charms!”
“Boyfriend has a strong manly charm, and we’re also very friendly and calm. We think that our strength lies in the fact that we can show these two sides depending on the songs. It’s also what differentiates us from other groups! I especially like the song ‘I Yah’ because it is a song that maximizes our strong image.”

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Boyfriend’s songs definitely have something different from the other idol groups. The song “I Yah” also has a very impressive intro with the guitar reef. When we talk with artists about a certain song, we’re always very curious about the stories behind the song. Were the any funny episodes that happened while recording this song?

“In the recording studio, we made a bet. Whoever loses the soccer game had to buy the team chicken. Normally, Dong Hyun is a good player, but that day was just not his day. He ended up buying us chicken as a late night snack! ^^”
“I can’t forget the music video shooting. It was really cold during the day of our shoot. It was -16 degrees Celsius, and the first scene was shot outside. It was so cold that I could not act properly. I wanted to do it better, so I feel like I couldn’t show all that I wanted. When you see our music video, you can see who frozen I look.^^;”
“I just remembered another episode. Child actress Kim So Hyun  stars as the female main character in our “’I Yah” music video. I had to ask her if she wanted to be my girlfriend when I first met her. It was awkward but things became better as the shooting continued, and we were able to finish out filmingin peace!!^^;;;”

As I listened to the guys talk about their funny BTS stories, it made me imagine that I was there with them. Now that I’ve heard this, I think I will see the music video in a new light and remember the stories you’ve told me.

We’ve been talking about “I Yah” since we started, but now let’s talk about another song in the repackage album. Tell us about the song “There.”

“Personally, I really like this song. This song has astonishing beautiful melody and lyrics, just  like a fairy tale. It’s a pop dance song with a rock flavor added into it. I hope that many will enjoy it as much as ‘I Yah.’”

You can see it immediately. Boyfriend’s style really changed in this new album. I can really feel the masculine beauty of homme fatales. The members will talk in detail about their new style change and will also chose the member that fits best with this “bad boy” style.

“The keyword of this style is homme fatale! If ‘Janus’ showed the classical masculine beauty, then ‘I Yah’ portrayed a the charms of a modern and somewhat dangerous man.”
“Kwang Min fits the bad boy style He acted as a rebel in the music video, and his acting was really natural. It seems that he became manlier as he turned 19. When we see  Kwang Min on stage, he really is stunning!”

Oh! Kwang Min took on the bad boy concept?!  Did you already know? During this interview, I wanted to find out a new side to each of the members. Hey readers! Let us all find out all the odd and quirky side of the members of Boyfriend!

First, it is wild-eyed Kwang Min. Once you get to know him, you’ll realize that he is fragile has a lot of tears and love for others. In one word, he is pure. Dong Hyun is a charismatic leader, but his is also a friendly leader who gets along well with others. Min Woo is the youngest, but when it comes to work, he’s driven and the most mature. Young Min seriously believes he’s the most charismatic in the good. He’s a good twin brother to Kwang Min, who came out 6 minutes later. Jung Min is the funny guy in the team and is always the energizer. Recently, he’s busy studying music composition. He’s a cool guy who enjoys new challenges. Hyun Sung is manly and not too talkative, but he’s like the mom of the team. He has warm heart and takes good care of his fellow members!

When talking with each of the members, I was able to know why Boyfriend stood out from other idol groups. Each member has a unique characteristic and persona, yet they still have such a strong bond that they make a strong team. They’re so close, and it seems like they even spend their time off together. In this section, I asked about their ideal types and how they spend their spare time.

Each member has a very different personality, as such, they all look for different traits in their ideal girl. Kwang Min likes a girl with pure charms, while Dong Hyun likes a girl with pretty voice. Min Woo likes a girl with a competitive spirit. Young Min likes a girl who looks good with long hair. Jung Min likes a girl who enjoys music, and Hyun Sung likes an innocent girl.

“Usually when we have free time, we download a movie in our dormitory and enjoy betting against each other whie playing games. Sometimes, we just relax at home with the members. We usually spend it with the members.”
“During our promotion period, we’re stressed, and when that happens we eat good food and talk about what happened that day with the members!! We relieve our stress by talking and laughing. None of the members get depressed because they are stressed out.”

When you have a lot of things on your plate, avoiding stress in inevitable. Living as an idol is something to be admired, but it’s a job that comes with a lot of pressure. If you were given 24 hours to do anything you want to do, how would you spend your day?

“I want to eat good food and watch a movie with my family!”
“I want to go traveling on a train! I really want to see the sunrise. I know I’ll work harder after taking a day off to rest.”
“I want to go traveling! I want to refresh myself as I see the ocean.”
“Since it is winter, I want to go skiing with my friends!!”
“I want to go traveling with my family. I want to have a fun chat with my parents and relax while listening to music.”
“I want to give a present to my parents. You can’t measure how grateful you are  but I want to give them something to show my appreciation for them.”

After hearing each of the members describe their ideal day, it puts things in perspective. How does their ideal day compare to yours? While you can’t live everyday like your ideal day, if you go through every day working hard to reach your goal, I’m sure you’ll have a great 2013 waiting for you. We’ll wrap up this interview with a final message from Boyfriend.

“We will be doing our best this year, so please root for us!”
“We will show many great things, so please give us a lot of your love!”
“BOYFRIEND came back! Please show lots of love to our song ‘I Yah’.^^”
“Have a great and happy 2013 with BOYFRIEND!”
“Thank you for starting your 2013 with our song ‘I Yah’. Please continue to send lots of love!”
“Have a fortunate year and don’t miss out BOYFRIEND in the year 2013.♥”

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