miss A Suzy Spends Quality Time with Children Who Have Terminal Diseases

It looks like miss A’s Suzy is truly a beautiful angel both on the inside and out! Despite her busy schedule on February 5 she visited the Korean “Make a Wish Foundation.” She visited the foundation in order to meet children with terminal diseases that wanted to see her in person.

She met with an 11 year old girl suffering from “Chronic Large Cell Lymphoma” and a 15 year old boy suffering from brain tumor. The two children had separately made a wish in June and August that they wanted to meet Suzy.

Suzy met with the children and answered the questions that they had. She was asked, “What is the moment that you feel like your life has been most worthwhile after becoming a singer?” Suzy replied, “It’s moments like these, when I can help strengthen somebody else.”

The children received hats and hair accessories from Suzy. Suzy also received gifts from the children. They also shared a hand print together. For about an hour Suzy spent quality time with the children.

At the end Suzy stated, “I hope that you become healthier after striving through this difficult hospital life.” Then Suzy gave the children a guitar and sneakers as a gift.