Girls’ Generations’ YoonA Reveals Special History with “Strong Heart”

Girls’ Generation will be decorating the final episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart Season 1.”
The final show will air through two special episodes, titled “Strong Heart – Girls and Uncles,” and will feature all nine ladies of Girls’ Generation, as well as “uncle fans” Gong Hyung Jin, Choi Song Hyun, No Hyun Hee, Jeon Hyun Moo, and Kim Young Chul.

During the recording, YoonA shared a special connection she had with the popular variety show. She revealed, “It wasn’t planned, but I’ve appeared in both the first and last episode of ‘Strong Heart.’”

Meanwhile, “Strong Heart” aired its first episode on October of 2009 and has enjoyed much popularity in those three years. The show will return with a new season late February, complete with new emcees, setting, and format.

The final episode, featuring the lovely ladies of Girls’ Generation, will air tonight, February 5, at 11:15PM KST.