Soo Ae Reveals She Gets 6 Hours of Sleep a Week Due to Filming

On February 5, SBS’s talk show “Good Morning” visited the cast of “Night King” at their filming location and Soo Ae revealed that she often eats eels these days. (author’s note: Koreans often associate eating eels with gaining stamina.)

Her co-star Kim Sung Ryung shared, “I film for twelve hours a day, but Soo Ae films for twenty-four hours.”

Soo Ae explained, “I get six hours of sleep a week. I have a lot of worries between eating and sleep.” She went on, “It’s important to have stamina during drama shootings so I eat eels. Kim Sung Ryung sunbae said that I’m losing a lot of weight so she recommended that I eat them.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sung Ryung shared during the interview a spoiler regarding Baek Do Hoon’s (played by DBSK’s Yunho) birth.