[Ceci] Style Idea: Lee Hyori vs. Jung Ryeo Won

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Editor Kim Mi Joo

After becoming a fashion editor, it’s only natural to be more concerned about clothing attire. Especially for those special days like weddings, one would think out an outfit far in advance and even empty out a closet to achieve the perfect look. Not too long ago, Lee Hyori and Jung Ryeo Won made appearances at a few wedding ceremonies and, like usual, their outfits were thoroughly examined.

Jung Ryeo Won wore a cute pattern one-piece dress and wrapped a grey coat around her shoulders for a chic look.

Lee Hyori chose an all-black outfit with a khaki oversized wool coat. She broke the plain look with a leopard clutch and went for a slightly funky look with large-rimmed sunglasses. This is the look that I was looking for.

My criteria for a wedding look is, “I came to a wedding~” which, one, doesn’t overdo the feminine nor formal look; two, goes for a basic and edgy look rather than one with stylish designs; and three, have command of all the colors in the outfit. All three points need to be met.

Feminine Jung Ryeo Won and funky Hyori look like they are the exact opposites in style, but both of them have simple design outfits and both chose red as their central color.

So, if you consider yourself a fashionista, don’t you have to do at least invest this much effort into your outfits?

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