Infinite’s Hoya Complains about Demanding CEO

On the most recent episode of KBS’ “National Talk Show Hello,” Infinite‘s Hoya shared his complaints with the audience. When a guest shared his concern that the CEO of his company demands everyone to come play soccer with him on Fridays, Hoya stated that he is also having a hard time because of the demanding CEO of his agency. 

Hoya said, “I live far away from Seoul, so I always look forward to holidays to go home. But my CEO always suggests that all members of the agency go on an international tour to Southeastern Asia together, saying that ‘You got nothing to do when you go home anyways.’ I’ve only been home twice for holidays. He could be really authoritative and demanding like that.”

Upon Hoya’s complaint, Lee Young Ja asked if Hoya’s agency CEO is single. When Hoya told her yes, Lee Young Ja came up with a “solution.” She said, “If his demands of going on international holiday trips together is so troublesome for you, why don’t you set me and him up?”

Netizens also commented, “Hoya’s complaint…it seems more like he’s bragging,” “I don’t understand his complaint. I would love to travel internationally,” and “Perhaps the CEO should get married ASAP and go on these trips with his family.” 

Also on this episode of “National Talk Show Hello,” Hoya also shared his experience of almost being dismissed from his training position for having a pronunciation problem.