DBSK’s Changmin: “I Was So Unhappy Because of Sasaeng Fans”

DBSK‘s Changmin recently shared his feelings about sasaeng fans.

Sasaeng fans are those who go beyond the boundaries of what is viewed as normal and conventional fandom. Sasaeng fans know every single detail of their beloved idols’ schedules, homes, phone numbers, etc and often perform extreme acts of fandom such as writing a letter in blood or following around their idols in taxis.

On the episode of “Moonlight Prince” that aired on February 5, Changmin started off by saying, “There was a time when I really felt that I was unhappy.” He continued to say that the unhappiness came from the burdens of having sasaeng fans.

Changmin continued, “When I was out for personal occasions, there were people who followed me around in taxis,” and “Even if I see one taxi, I felt so nervous. Sometimes, when I’m walking on the street, I see people in school uniforms, walking in my direction. That is perfectly normal but at some point, I started to hide my face whenever that happened.”

He also said, “I got to thinking that success may come with some sort of unhappiness.”

But in the end, he added, “But right now, I am enjoying life moment by moment. I am happy.”