Is Soo Ae Losing Her CFs Because of Her Villainous Role?

Recently, some fans showed worry for actress Soo Ae concerning her role in SBS’s drama Night King.” Soo Ae is currently playing the character Da Hae, who will do anything to get what she wants. In the drama, Da Hae betrays her faithful and loving husband, who is played by actor Kwon Sang Woo.

In the past, Soo Ae has kept up elegant, feminine, and innocent image, which has made her a popular model for various brands. However because of the villainous nature of her current character, her fans began to worry that she may be losing current and even future CF opportunities. As one of her contract with a cosmetic brand ended recently, the fans’ concerns seemed legitimate.

However, to these negative rumors, an official from Soo Ae’s agency stated to OSEN on February 4, “The rumor that Soo Ae lost all CFs because of ‘Night King’ is false. As for that particular cosmetic brand, her eight-year contract has ended naturally. It is not due to her character or the drama.”

The official continued, “Soo Ae’s character has to be strong and immoral for this story to work. I think the negative change in her image should be considered a compliment, since it means that Soo Ae is doing a good job playing her character. We just hope that the viewers will see this drama as just a fictional story. She is only acting, and she wouldn’t be a good actress if she avoided villainous roles just to keep a ‘good image.’”