Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Attends Early Classes with Bare Face

Recently, Gong Hyung Jin revealed that he is the professor for one of the classes Girls’ Generation’s Yuri takes.

On SBS’s “Strong Heart” that aired on February 5, Gong Hyung Jin stated, “I have many students including Yuri and Lee Yeon Hee.”

Gong Hyung Jin is currently teaching Theater and Art class at Joong Ang University.

He continued, “My classes are early in the morning, and I have noticed that Yuri comes without any makeup on and listens to my lectures diligently.”

When asked if Gong Hyung Jin gives out good grades, Yuri answered, “He is surprisingly professional and professor-like at school.” She also added, “Before starting the drama ‘Fashion King,’ I was very anxious and asked Gong Hyung Jin for guidance. He was very kind to me and gave me good advice. “