Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Clears Up Rumors About Her Earnings

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA clears up any misunderstandings that she’s “chaebol” status.

On February 5, all the members of Girls’ Generation were invited to appear on SBS’s “Strong Heart.” On this day, Boom held a corner titled “Everything Concerning Girls’ Generation” and started off by saying, “I was really surprised when I saw an article that claimed ‘Girls are Chaebols.’” He went on, “That article stated that YoonA received 4,000,000,000won (~$4 million) for the last half year.”

YoonA explained, “I was also surprised when I saw that article. However, it’s not true. If I made 4,000,000,000won for half a year, it means that I made 8,000,000,000won (~$8 million) the whole year. That’s completely false.”

Meanwhile, all members of Girls’ Generation, Gong Hyung Jin, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Young Chul, Noh Hyun Hee, and Choi Song Hyun appeared on this episode of “Girls and Uncles Special.”