MBLAQ Shares Lunar New Year Greeting Wearing Colorful Hanboks

Boy group MBLAQ gave its new years greeting by showing off the beautiful and colorful hanboks (Korean traditional costume).

On February 6, MBLAQ’s agency revealed a photo of the members wearing hanboks. In the photo, all of the members are smiling warmly while posing for the camera. They are standing up in a straight line with their hands formally clasped together.

Seungho greeted the fans and said, “New Year has come. Health first! Second is health too! I hope everybody is health and have a happy new year!” G.O said, “First of all, Happy New Year!! I really miss my fans. We will be back in Korea soon with our music. Wait for us!”

Lee Joon commented, “Happy New Year! Always be happy.” Thunder greeted, “Happy New Year and be happy. I hope everyone has good things to come! Fighting!” and lastly Mir added, “I hope 2013 is going to be MBLAQ,  A+ and Mir’s year. Happy New Year!”

On February 8, MBLAQ will be holding a new album showcase and talk concert in Japan.