Kang Min Hee of Miss $ Releases One Take Music Video for “It’s You”

Kang Min Hee of trio Miss $ released the music video for her solo single “It’s You” on the Brand New Music Entertainment official YouTube channel.

The r&b ballad is about how hard it is to leave a person despite how much pain and regret there is in the relationship. Kang Min Hee’s soulful voice powerfully expresses the emotional pain of waiting for someone. The music video sets Kang Min Hee walking down a popular street in Gangnam, Seoul. The stylish music video seems to have been taken in one shot.

Kang Min Hee is the newest member of Miss $ after replacing Tae Hye Young. The trio currently consists of Kang Min Hee, Oh Yoo Mi, and Jace.

Check out the video below!