Song Hye Gyo Talks about Moon Chae Won, “That Winter, The Wind Blows” and More in “High Cut”

Song Hye Gyo recently showed off a sexy bohemian look for “High Cut.”

On February 7, the fashion magazine unveiled several photos from its spread, titled “Winter, Wind, Hye Gyo.” As shown in the photo, the actress looks confident and charismatic, flaunting both her flawless face and body with dramatic makeup and poses. Despite her busy schedule with her upcoming drama, “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” it’s been said that Song Hye Gyo personally took part in coming up with the concept for the pictorial.

During the interview that followed the shoot, Song Hye Gyo talked about her new drama. She started, “When I received the casting offer for ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows, they also sent over the synopsis, which I read and immediately loved it. I especially liked the male character. It was because of screenwriter No Hee Kyung, director Kim Gyu Tae, and the script that I decided to join, even before the male lead was cast. However, when Jo In Sung came on board, it was like the perfect four combination.”

Regarding her junior actresses, Song Hye Gyo revealed, “I personally like Moon Chae Woon. She has her own natural and elegant color. I started watching the drama ‘Nice Guy’ because of Moon Chae Won.”

When asked if she had any plans on appearing in variety or talk shows, she replied, “Honestly, I believe I’ll be able to appeal to others more, but I tend to say everything on my mind. So people around me stop me [from appearing in shows].” Song Hye Gyo continued, “Had my new drama been a rom-com, I would have considered appearing in variety shows, but because of the [melodrama] nature of this drama, I’ll postpone it for next time.”

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” is a melodrama about a man and woman who don’t believe in love. Song Hye Gyo takes on the role of Oh Young, the sole heiress to a giant conglomerate. She lost both her parents and her eyesight, making her extremely self-protecting and lonely. Jo In Sung plays Oh Soo, a playboy and a gambler who lives a meaningless life. He sets his eyes on his next target, Oh Young, to pay off an enormous debt. While he approaches her for money, he ends up falling in love with her. The series also stars Kim Bum and APink’s Jung Eun Ji. “That Winter, The Wind Blows” will premiere on SBS on February 13.