[Ceci] How To Achieve Song Hye Gyo’s See-Through Bangs!

Check out how you can achieve beautiful bangs just like the celebrities at home with this easy how-to!

Maintaining nice bangs throughout the day is a lot harder than you think it would be. By the afternoon, you’ll notice that you lost all the volume on your bangs, as it flatly sticks to your forehead. Either that or you’ll see that the bangs are unattractively split in half and facing either side of your head.

However, there is a way to look great throughout the day! The secret? Dry shampoo! If you apply a bit of dry shampoo to your bangs once you’re done styling it, your bangs will look fresh and light all day long.” by Jo Young Jae (hair artist)

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What you’ll need to create the perfect see-through bang:

Hairspray: to create a natural style while maintaining a great volume
SHISEIDO Professional Multi Motion Spray (28,000KRW for 180g)

Dry shampoo: to prevent bangs from clumping and/or splitting
batiste Dry Shampoo by Olive Young (14,500KRW for 200ml)

Hair rollers: to shape bangs into a natural, round form. (as for the size of the rollers, you should be able to wrap your bangs around the rollers)

Before: Her fringe was of awkward length, and it made her entire hairstyle look awkward – up or down.

Use your comb to separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. Your bangs should start 2-3 cm away from the crown of your head.

Comb your hair to one side, the side your hair would naturally fall towards. Don’t gather your hair to the middle of your forehead unless you want your bangs to take on an unflattering U-shape look.

When you’re about to cut your hair, hold your scissors vertically, so that they are pointing upwards. Don’t pull down your bangs with a comb as you starting snipping away as it could create an uneven line later.

Pull on your bangs with your right hand as you blow dry them. Keep the nozzle facing the comb 

Tightly wrap your bangs on a roller to achieve a nice curl.

Apply hairspray to keep your bangs puffed up.

the shape of your bangs by blow drying under low heat. Once you feel that your bangs have cooled, gently take out the roller and fix them with your fingers.

Blow dry the rest of your hair and gently brush both your hair and bangs. Once you’re done styling your hair, spray or apply your dry shampoo to finish.

After: Finished! Tada!


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