Lee Jung Wants to Date Park Bo Young

Probably not as direct as Ji Hyun Woo’s shocking confession to Yoo In Na at their fan meeting last year, but it’s still quite a daring move to ask someone out through the media. What if she says no?

Lee Jung appeared on the latest episode of MBC QueeN’s music talk show “Concert QueeN” where he showed off his smooth voice singing ballads as well as opened up about his thoughts on relationships.

MC Ju Yong Hoon revealed that Lee Jung previously described his ideal girl on a television show. He would like the girl to be family-centered and gentle. The MC asked him if he has someone in mind and Lee Jung replied, “Park Bo Young” and received big cheers from the audience.

Usually, celebrities will move on to the next topic, but he took the opportunity to express his wishes. The MC asked him, “For 2013, what kind of article do you want to see on the news?” Lee Jung replied, “Lee Jung and Park Bo Young in an electrifying relationship.” He humorously went on, “Park Bo Young denies the relationship,” “Lee Jung’s side acknowledges,” “Park Bo Young says Lee Jung is nothing more than an ‘oppa’ and nothing less.”

This episode of “Concert QueeN” will be broadcasted on February 7 at 11pm (KST).