Sunye Will Leave for Canada on February 7, Undetermined Whether She Will Come Back

We reported before that Sunye might be leaving the Wonder Girls. This was a question that fans were asking after JYP Entertainment announced that the upcoming 2013 Pyeonchang Special Olympics might be the last performance Sunye has with the Wonder Girls.

Well, it looks like it might be a bit early to be too worried!

On February 6, a representative of JYP Entertainment stated, “Sunye will leave for Montreal Canada, to go to her new home with her husband James Park. Sunye will start her married life there. In May she might return back to South Korea.”

Then, the representative spoke about whether she might come back to the Wonder Girls or not. The representative stated, “For a short while the Wonder Girls will focus on their individual activities. We are still in talks of when Sunye might return to ‘group activities.’ Just like we have said before, Sunye is not leaving the Wonder Girls. She is just going to focus on her married life for a while.”

Sunye got hitched on January 26 with James Park.