Kang Ji Young Under Fire for Reckless Behavior

Kara’s Kang Ji Young is the latest girl group member to be criticized for her reckless behavior on the road.

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji received a lot of scorn last month for violating a traffic law and potentially causing a huge traffic accident. Wonder GirlsSunye also received criticism for covering her wedding car’s license plate with “James♥Seonye.”

She posted an apology through twitter on January 28 that reads, “We rode the wedding car when it was pretty dark outside and were pretty out of it so we weren’t able to notice the car’s license plate.. We want to say that it was unintentional and deeply apologize for not catching that! Wedding car is only on wedding day! That’s only for formality~^^”

After the latest traffic violations committed by girl group members, netizens seemed to be keen on digging up any more childish behaviors committed by celebrities. They found a target through Kang Ji Young.

On December 31, 2012, Kang Ji Young posted her New Year’s greeting selca on twitter where she took a picture with her head hanging outside the car’s window. However, she’s being scorned because the car was in motion when she took the picture.