A Picture of Taeyang and CL Working Out Together Is Released

On his Twitter on February 6, Big Bang’s Taeyang uploaded a photo along with a short message, “Work out! Chaelin_CL.”

In the picture are Taeyang and 2ne1’s CL at a gym. They are wearing workout cloths and sneakers, and are hanging from exercise equipment. Taeyang has a frown on his face and appears to be groaning loudly, while CL is smiling happily at the camera. With the funny expressions on their faces, Taeyang and CL look like they are having a great time.

Netizens that saw this picture admired, “Hope you guys have a good workout,” “Taeyang’s hair style is so cute,” “CL wears sunglasses when she works out… That is cool,” “Both Taeyang and CL look so lovely in this photo.”