Jay Park Cast as Fixed Member of “SNL Korea”

Jay Park has been cast as a fixed member of the new season of “SNL Korea.”

On January 6, music industry insiders spoke to Star News and revealed that Jay Park will join “SNL Korea,” which will kick off its new season on February 23.

Jay Park hosted the 13th episode of “SNL Korea” on December 1 of last year and received a lot of compliments for his rated-R comedy. It is reported that last year’s hot response to Jay Park was a big reason for his addition to the crew.

Jay Park is the first idol to become a fixed member of the “SNL Korea” crew, which is heightening anticipation for the upcoming season.

Weather forecaster and TV personality Park Eun Ji has also been chosen as a fixed member of the crew as well.

Other crew members include Shin Dong Yup, Kim Seul Ki, Jung Sung Ho, Jung Myung Wook, Kim Min Gyo and Kim Won Hae, continuing from last season.