VIXX’s N Received Offers From SM, YG and JYP in the Past

A lot of spotlight is being put on VIXX’s leader N recently after a video of him taken in the past at a dance festival went viral.

On February 7, an online community forum posted couple screen captures from the video and it caught the attention of many online users.

The video was taken four years ago at “2009 Korea’s Youth Dance Festival” and he managed to win the grand prize despite many talented participants. It’s been revealed that he created his choreography, proving his talent encompasses both creation and execution of dance.

He was already well known among dancers as a “natural dance machine” before his debut and was already comfortable with various dance genres. It’s been revealed that he has received offers from the three biggest entertainment agencies in Korea- SM, YG and JYP.

Meanwhile, VIXX is currently promoting their latest title track “On and On“ from their third single album.