f(x) Krystal Graduates High School, Other Members Appeared to Perform “Electric Shock” Together

Congratulations to f(x)’s Krystal! On February 7 she graduated high school. According to SM Entertainment, the f(x) members joined her graduation which was held at 10 am. During the school graduation, Krystal, Amber, Luna, and Victoria performed “Electric Shock.”

During the graduation ceremony Krystal also received an award from the school.

Krystal stated in an interview, “I can’t believe that I am already in my twenties now. With my graduation I have finished up my 10s. I am both sad and anticipating the future at the same time.”

She continued, “I will consider it a new start and will show everyone a passionate side of myself. Please continue to watch my progress. The other members [f(x)] will come to cheer me on.”

Krystal has decided to attend the Sungkyunkwan University.