90’s Group RooRa’s Kim Ji Hyun Changes Her Face Drastically with Plastic Surgery

Recently, ID hospital released the post-surgery photo of Kim Ji Hyun and announced, “Kim Ji Hyun received maxillofacial surgery along with minor face-lifting procedures.”

In the picture are the surgeon and Kim Ji Hyun, who used to be a member of 90’s popular group RooRa. What surprised the viewers the most was how much Kim Ji Hyun’s face has changed. Some Netizens even stated that she is unrecognizable.

An official from ID hospital stated, “She is well over 40 years old, yet you can’t tell any signs of aging at this point. She looks at least 10 years younger. As well, unlike her previous mature and sexy look, Kim Ji Hyun now looks youthful and innocent. We were all surprised with such a successful result.”

So Soompiers, what do you think of Kim Ji Hyun’s new face?